Hot Springs

Come relax in our hot springs.

Our famous sulfur-free hot springs are the steam part of our summer and winter equations. Nothing beats a warming hot springs soak after a day of adventures.

After an exhilarating climb on foot or in your Jeep, or a pleasant day of shopping Ouray’s unique businesses, soaking in the hot springs is truly a restorative experience.

ouray summer hot springs poolPhoto Courtesy of Classic Visions Photography

During the summer months the Ouray Hot Springs Pool is open from 10 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week. The slides and Wibits open at noon. Ouray’s public pool contains close to a million gallons of crystal clear natural hot springs water, free from the strong smell of sulfur typical of many hot springs. In addition to several soaking sections at a variety of temperatures ranging from 88 to 106 degrees, the pool has a lap swimming section, a diving area, a large slide (the diving boards and slides are closed during the winter season), a shallow section for younger children and a game area for water volleyball. Enhance your time at the pool by making an appointment at the pool’s massage facility. If you’re missing your fitness routine, visit the Fitness Center where you will find weight-lifting equipment, treadmills, stair-climbers, stationary bikes, and other exercise equipment for a nominal fee. Contact the Hot Springs Pool (970) 325-7073, or visit them on their Ouray Hot Springs website or on Facebook for more information. Pool prices and scheduled closure dates are at the bottom of this page.

mcleodbathhouseinterior 000
(The McLeod plunge bath in the early 1900's - advertised then as now " as “Ouray’s Mineral Hot Springs, Best Natural Hot Water in the State of Colorado"
Image courtesy of the Ouray County Historical Society)

Other public hot springs in the area include the vapor caves of the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings and the naturally landscaped pools at Orvis Hot Springs. Guests at the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Spring and the Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs can also enjoy private hot springs during their hotel stay. Visitors are also welcome at the solar-heated spring-fed pools at the Chipeta Solar Springs Resort in Ridgway. Stay in our valley and soak to your heart's content!


A few days a year, the Ouray Hot Springs Pool is closed for cleaning and maintenance. Below are the 2015 dates:

  • August 10th Cleaning and General Maintenance
  • October 13th-18th Cleaning and General Maintenance
  • December 14th Staff Holiday Party- Pool Closes at 7:30pm
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