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The 4x4 & OHV season will start firing up again in June, so join us back here soon. 

  • Trail closures: With the winter season, all passes are currently closed for offroading. However, you can enjoy them on snowshoes, skis and (in some cases) snowmobiles. Just be safe and check in with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center for current snowpack conditions and always travel prepared. 

Ouray has a number of companies that offer Jeep rentals and guided 4x4 tours with fun, experienced and knowledgeable guides, so make sure you give them a call and take advantage of this great adventure while you’re in town. For current off-road trail conditions, please contact the experts at our local jeep rental and tour companies. Updates can also be found on the Ouray County Four Wheel Drive Roads Condition Report.

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Find more details about our favorite trails here, or download a descriptive trail brochure here.

chimney peak owl creek pass smallPhoto courtesy of Nature's Finest Images

Off-highway adventures bring you to some of the most stunning landscapes in the Rocky Mountains. Ouray has an enormous variety of jeeping and OHV routes at every level. Go it alone or with guides who love to share their knowledge of the San Juans’ geology, flora, fauna, and most colorful stories. It's a legacy business in Ouray - Jeep tours have traversed the high mountain passes commercially since 1946, and privately probably since the first Willy’s made their debut stateside in the early 1940s. Four-wheeling enthusiasts travel here all summer long for the breathtaking scenery and then again during the fall months for the spectacular aspen colors. Even better, the backcountry roads follow historic mining roads so you’re sure to experience some living history among the ghost towns.


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