Taste the Local Craft

Ouray's Local Delicacies

Craft in Ouray is not just a noun or adjective, it’s a proud verb that speaks to the quality and variety of our local industry. There’s an independent streak and a “necessity-begets-creativity” attitude that comes along with living in a small mountain town, and these attributes make our local businesses think outside the box and produce uniquely Ouray products for you to discover. From food, to glass, to iron, to beer, to ice, it’s really a handmade and innovative culture here in Ouray.

You won’t find any big box stores or national chains in Ouray, either. Every single business is family-owned and that brings a special personal touch to every interaction you have while you’re in town. This truly is Main Street, USA and you’re usually talking right to the owner when you check into a hotel or order dinner at a restaurant. Ask questions and always share your stories, you’ll feel like you have an entire town of friends and travel experts right at your fingertips while you explore our streets and trails.

ouray fall box canyon

Photo courtesy of Kane Scheidegger

Below is just a short list of some of our most identifiable “craft” categories. Enjoy the Ouray craft during your stay and let us know who your favorites are.

Breweries & Distilleries
Ouray County might quite possibly offer the best and most craft beer and spirits per capita in the State of Colorado, it’s a distinction we’ll gladly claim!

Coffee & Chocolate
Ouray’s other two great loves...after beer and spirits

Local Food
Our local chefs serve up Ouray as a tasty destination. Every restaurant in town reflects its owner’s talents and taste buds, from sourcing local applewood for barbecue, to featuring in-season vegetables, herbs and meats in daily specials, to locally made doughnuts and breads and food festivals.

Art & Galleries
Hand blown, slumped and leaded glass is a valley speciality, as is custom ceramic and iron work, while the photography and painting take their inspiration from our spectacular surroundings. Ouray is also home to great arts & crafts festivals, art exhibitions and classes.

Historic Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts
Most of Ouray’s hotels have been around for generations, some of them are over a century old, some may even be haunted but each has a carefully crafted experience and approach to hospitality, no matter what you’re looking for. Each bed and breakfast is totally unique with welcoming owners. These aren’t your granny’s B&B’s!

From the Ouray Trails Group to the RAT and the County and local Jeep outfitters and clubs that maintain our incredible hiking, biking and 4x4 Trails, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find better crafted or accessible trail experiences anywhere else.

The Ouray Ice Park
Yes, Ouray has crafted the art of perfect ice for climbing. We even have a name for it: “Ice Farming.”

Ridgway Creative District
Ridgway’s craft producers earned the entire town the designation as a creative district.

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