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Welcome to the 2019 4x4 and OHV Season! Below is a list of local trails with their opening status.

Ouray has a many companies that offer Jeep rentals and guided 4x4 tours with fun, experienced and knowledgeable guides, so make sure you give them a call and take advantage of this great adventure while you’re in town. For current off-road trail conditions, please contact the experts at our local jeep rental and tour companies. Updates can also be found on the San Juan National Forest recreation page and the Ouray County Four Wheel Drive Roads Condition Report. Find more details about our favorite trails here.

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(Updates as of June 24, 2019)

Most roads will probably open later than usual this year due to an exceptional winter and avalanche events all through the San Juan Mountains. They are open to foot and snowmobile traffic but significant avalanche danger still exists. Check the Colorado Avalanche Information Center website before traveling any of these roads:

What we do have is gorgeous waterfalls, incredible snow cuts and brilliant spring greens and the spring wildflowers are amazing (we can't even imagine what the summer ones are going to look like once the snow melts). 

Please be cautious of Avalanche debris, high river waters, snow bridges and rapidly changing weather. If recreating in the backcountry be prepared for sun, snow or rain at any given moment. And we always ask users to Stay on the trail, pick up extra litter, view but stay away from wildlife and be a courteous, conscientious steward of our backcountry. Remember, the joy is in the journey and beautiful landscapes, not in the destination :)

Our County Road crews are working hard to start moving all of that snow but their safety and the safety of their communities comes first. Remember, if you encounter one of the crews in a yellow county dozer, give them room (at least 200 feet), stop and give them a huge thank you for all the hard work this year! If a road is closed by snow, please do not try to "break through" as this damages our backcountry roads and may end up getting you stuck and in need of an expensive backcountry tow. Let Mother Nature do her work and allow them to dry out naturally so that all have a chance to enjoy them when they do open.

Updates to this page are made as soon as the local contacts relay the information. If the date above seems old, it simply means there have been no changes in the road conditions since that date.

*Be aware that passes can vary with weather any time of year. Please don't go beyond where you are comfortable driving. Be safe out there and remember how we roll in Colorado - Stay the Trail! Read up on the trail etiquette tips to make your motorized time in the mountains fun for you and everyone around you (tundra and wildlife included)!


  • Cinnamon Pass - OPEN on Hinsdlae County side (Road 30) to Burrows Park; access to Silver Creek, Cooper Lake and Grizzly Gulch to Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks. 
  • Clear Lake - OPEN about to tree line, then closed by snow (San Juan County crews will start working around 4th of July, Hinsdale County is 1 1/2 miles from the top of Cinnamon but are tackling enormous avalanche debris)
  • Corkscrew Pass - OPEN to top from Silverton (Ouray County working on their side)
  • County Road 110 (Silverton) - OPEN
  • County Road 2 (Silverton) - OPEN to Grouse Gulch
  • Cunningham Gulch - OPEN to the Pride of the West
  • Engineer Pass - OPEN on Hinsdale County side (Road 20) to Thoreau's Cabin; access to Nellie Creek to Matterhorn, Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre Peaks, Capitol City, Rose's Cabin and Whitmore Falls Ouray County crews have begun clearing but are tackling numerous avalanche debris paths)
  • Hurricane Pass - OPEN to top from Gladstone (San Juan County crews are working coming down California toward Animas Forks)
  • Fall Creek Road - OPEN to Dunton
  • Last Dollar Road - OPEN
  • La Plata Canyon (County Road 124) - OPEN to Lewis
  • Maggie Gulch - OPEN half way (travel at your own risk & avoid avalanche debris)
  • Minnie Gulch - OPEN half way (travel at your own risk & avoid avalanche debris)
  • Ophir Pass - OPEN on east side (HWY 550 entrance) to top (San Miguel County side will be delayed for a few more weeks due to heavy avalanche debris)
  • Owl Creek Pass - OPEN on Ridgway side, pass is closed until June 30 (Road will open on June 30 with 30 minute traffic delays for ongoing road improvement, heavy equipment will be encountered during the reconstruction process)
  • Red Mountain Loop (Ouray CR31) - OPEN (wet and muddy)
  • South Mineral Road - OPEN to campground
  • Stony Pass - OPEN to top (San Juan County crews are working down to Pole Creek but Pole Creek is HIGH water and unpassable)
  • Velocity Basin - OPEN to just short of the top
  • Yankee Boy Basin - OPEN (first 5 miles are dry, look for lots of water coming off the overhang, don't park on the road - use pullouts only, past the Imogene Intersection 4-Low and high clearance is required; expect slushy conditions and limited spaces to turn around)

CURRENTLY CLOSED TO OHV TRAFFIC (please respect all trail closures for your safety and the safety of the crews that may be working to clear them)

  • Animas Forks - closed by snow (the main road to Animas Forks is blocked by a large avalanche and it may be July before it is cleared. San Juan County crews are prioritizing clearing the access to Animas Forks through Corkscrew & Gulches.)
  • Black Bear Pass - closed by snow (expected to be late July/early August before passable)
  • California Gulch - closed by snow
  • Corkscrew Pass - OPEN for about 1 mile on Silverton side, then closed by snow (San Juan County is clearing, Ouray County will start 6/17/19)
  • Divide Road 564 - closed by snow
  • Engineer Pass - closed by snow (
  • Governor's Basin - closed by snow
  • Imogene Pass- closed by snow (will be cleared by Ouray and San Miguel Counties following opening of Corkscrew, Engineer and Ophir passes)
  • Kendall Mountain road - closed by snow (San Juan County will begin this will, travel at own risk & avoid avalanche debris)
  • Kennebec Pass- closed by snow
  • Minnehaha- closed by snow
  • Minnie Gulch- closed by snow
  • North Henson (Hinsdale CR 24 - access to Uncompahgre Peak): closed due to snow & downed trees along the road
  • Lime Creek Road - closed by snow
  • Lobo Overlook- closed by snow
  • Picayune - closed by snow
  • Placer - closed by snow
  • Poughkeepsie- closed by snow
  • Scotch Creek - closed by snow
  • Treasure Mountain Loop - closed by snow


chimney peak owl creek pass smallPhoto courtesy of Nature's Finest Images

Off-highway adventures bring you to some of the most stunning landscapes in the Rocky Mountains. Ouray has an enormous variety of jeeping and OHV routes at every level. Go it alone or with guides who love to share their knowledge of the San Juans’ geology, flora, fauna, and most colorful stories. It's a legacy business in Ouray - Jeep tours have traversed the high mountain passes commercially since 1946, and privately probably since the first Willy’s made their debut stateside in the early 1940s. Four-wheeling enthusiasts travel here all summer long for the breathtaking scenery and then again during the fall months for the spectacular aspen colors. Even better, the backcountry roads follow historic mining roads so you’re sure to experience some living history among the ghost towns.


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