Ouray Via Ferrata


Ouray's New Premier Summer Attraction! 


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The Ouray Via Ferrata is a new feature for summer or 2020 and promises to thrill and excite even the most seasoned climber while offering kids a family-friendly experience. 


Located in the Uncompahgre Gorge adjacent to the Ouray Ice Park, this exciting new attraction extends the fun from winter to summer.  


Features of the Ouray Via Ferrata include:

  • approximately 4000+ linear feet of anchored cable protected / rung enhanced trail
  • two technical exits of roughly 200 feet each
  • one 35′ long cable wire bridge across the Uncompahgre Gorge at the South end start of the route
  • one ascending “Sky Bridge” at the North end of the route spanning the gorge for approximately 75′ at 35 degrees in angle
  • wide variety of vertical and horizontal route sections with an exciting and varied movement designed, implemented, and installed by local climbing professionals and engineers
  • a fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty and majesty of the world-famous Uncompahgre Gorge in the summertime!


The route is designed to meet or exceed all current ASTM and CEN (European) safety standards. In fact, the Ouray Via Ferrata is expected to be the first free public Via Ferrata in the US built to modern safety standards.


The Via Ferrata is free to use, but safety protocols are in place for both gear and use.  San Juan Mountain Guides offers gear rentals for an affordable price along with guides to make the experience memorable.  If you are interested in purchasing gear, Ouray Mountain Sports, located on Main Street, can help you make the right selection.

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